Between Love & Desire – 完美叛侶

完美叛侶 (2016)

Between Love & Desire – 完美叛侶 - 完美叛侶


Between Love & Desire – 完美叛侶 3.31/5 (66.11%) 36 votes

DramaTVB.Com Between Love & Desire – 完美叛侶: Ao Bai Yan (Moses ornaments) proud confidence, is a solicitor excels. He is also responsible for the family, in public in private, everything seems to be in its calculations hands. Bo made the joy of victory has forced not see the original at the same time he continues to progress forward, and his wife had Pauline (Maggie ornaments) have been left in place waiting for him. Affectionate feelings of the original family, the distance between has become increasingly distant, broken families in crisis has been lurking around.

Then, Parker made the seemingly smooth sailing career suddenly goes wrong, he at the same time to turn the tide, even found themselves carrying Pauline, is carrying out an affair. Proud Bo made more found himself in the eyes of the third party is only a second-rate lawyer Lvyong Heng (Ben Wong ornaments). Loss to Kashiwa lost only know how to use word processing technique normally the case, going to sensibly to end the marriage. However, outside Ao Po Lin Ming Bai Xinsheng just spur of the moment, determined to work hard to repair relations and cypress made, but unfortunately the truth has given Parker made occasional knows everything has become complex. Pauline living in them, can not tolerate a house full of myth and speculation, Parker made a witness had actually forgotten the autobiography of the enemy, so that her husband completely disappointed. When Pauline was determined to leave the house, they encounter a mysterious attack…

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