Blue Veins – 殭

殭 (2016)

Blue Veins – 殭 - 殭


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DramaTVB.Com Blue Veins – 殭: In 2115 (about 100 years) was the defining medicine as a virus contributed to the group. Virus patient will suck human blood lust, thereby becoming stronger than the average person and the continuation of life, and to further spread the virus.

Future research to define the antidote virus substance BR48. Since 2115 nearly extinct point of dead people, and a considerable scale local misplaced by the ruins of the medical profession decided to borrow wormhole technology, sent to the modern (Dr. Taylor:? According to the analysis, in a few hundred years ago in Europe , the store had a large number of BR48, we have created a wormhole, direct access to this place hundreds of years ago) to find hidden crystal; the spread of virus samples is regrettable accident occurs in the middle, but the order was sent to the person ( blue dream South) became the ancestor of zombies, from Chinese Ming dynasty began (about 500 years ago) zombie virus spread to the world.

In the case of non-parallel universe, it can be seen as a zombie poison is produced out of thin air, to the south by the Blue Dream Ming Dynasty, and from the Ming Dynasty spread over time into the future made into specimens, samples of the virus from the infected Blue Dream South.

You can put this as a zombie at any time and from normal people’s attitude, his eyes become becomes black when borrow, it will flash blue, maxillary incisors also become sharp on both sides, will also grow hands and nails black claws, and then voice Changer symptoms appear, and has a top speed of mobility and amazing jumping ability. They can be recovered through regeneration after injury the ability to become a zombie when the physical and mental state, to achieve immortality; but the relevant capability allows the drug through blood or hybrid body to slow down or stop the penetration, and the line will lead to their heart more crucial self-burning, make instant ashes. Silver can cause some degree of damage to zombies.

The ability to deter any state and virus infection, there is the opportunity to influence memory and habits zombie action, including whether consciously attack the opponent, whether direct bite strangers, and the relative speed of action and the like.

As part of the zombie hope Ling-feng killed all humans into zombies or humans only in order to establish a zombie world, so Ling-feng has always regarded the punishment dead people alive, led by enemies. However, and as south as Blue Dream zombies want peaceful coexistence with other human beings, most of these zombies would not choose to suck human blood.

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