Brother’s Keeper 2 – 巨輪2

Ju Lun 2 (2016)

Brother’s Keeper 2 – 巨輪2 - Ju Lun 2


Brother’s Keeper 2 – 巨輪2
3.38 (67.67%) 480 votes

DramaTVB.Com Brother’s Keeper 2 – 巨輪2: As we’ve both seen Brother’s Keeper, we already have some expectation for it to be better than the first since a need for a sequel means there’s room for development and continuation. We both believe that TVB’s sequels have never really been a success. They tend to continue on some dumb love triangle/square (and sometimes even pentagons)… Off the top of our head we can think of The Hippocratic Crush 2, Ghetto Justice 2, Triumph in the Skies 2. They all have some new characters messing up the flow of things which is entirely unnecessary.

Anyways! We really want this to succeed and most of all, we want Grace to succeed since TVB is giving her a lot of opportunities and by her character description of being some open and adventurous girl, we have our doubts. Please do not turn into Wong Tai-Mui #2 from Captain of Destiny! Crossing our fingers Edwin can lead this well alongside Kristal Tin. No doubt Louis Yuen and Jade Leung will deliver their characters well. The filming in Okinawa looks refreshing as well but there seems to be a heavy focus on Grace and Edwin’s storyline there. We’ll see how it goes though!

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