Cunning Single Lady – 別有用心單身女

別有用心單身女 (2015)

Cunning Single Lady – 別有用心單身女 - 別有用心單身女


Cunning Single Lady – 別有用心單身女
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DramaTVB.Com Cunning Single Lady (別有用心單身女): Na Ae-ra grew up believing she was born to be only pretty and not smart.While working at her family’s restaurant, she falls in love with Cha Jung-woo, a geeky engineering graduate student studying to enter civil service. Na Ae-ra wants to become a housewife, and after Jung-woo promises that she will be, they get married.During their 100th day wedding anniversary, Jung-woo announces that he has quit his job because he has an idea for a business. Jung-woo’s businesses keep failing and Ae-ra struggles to keep them afloat by working multiple jobs. After secretly suffering a miscarriage from the stress of being the sole breadwinner and living in poverty, Ae-ra divorces Jung-woo after four years of marriage. Three years after the divorce, Ae-ra discovers that Jung-woo has become fabulously successful and wealthy, while she is still paying debts that accrued during their marriage. The fun begins when Ae-ra schemes for revenge, with Jung-woo believing that Ae-ra wants him back because he has become wealthy…

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