Hidden Faces – 三面形醫

三面形醫 (2015)

Hidden Faces – 三面形醫 - 三面形醫


Hidden Faces – 三面形醫
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DramaTVB.Com Hidden Faces – 三面形醫: “We filmed real plastic surgery procedures for the drama,” revealed Frankie. “I stood behind a real plastic surgeon and imitated his moves. The feeling of watching a real surgery left me feeling very heavy.”

In addition to featuring Frankie as a plastic surgeon, the series will also feature John Chiang as a family physician and Ai Wai as a gynecologist. To convey the procedures in the series realistically, actor Ricksen Tam (譚晴) willingly underwent a facial cosmetic treatment during filming.

Thinking back to the filming, Frankie said he still feels shocked about what he saw. “We shot at the clinic for over ten hours. Some had botox, and others really went through a complete cosmetic surgery. I watched how the surgeon cut the patient’s eyelids up close, and then saw how he stitched the wounds back up. It was very gory. The cameraman couldn’t even handle it anymore and had to leave the room, so the director took over instead. The entire process was very bloody, but also very realistic. It was seriously done. I think the audience will appreciate that.”

Would allow his wife, Kenix Kwok (郭可盈), to get plastic surgery? He laughed, “I don’t think she would do that at this age. If she wanted to, she would have done that years ago. I also never heard her say she wanted to.”

Asking if he is against it, Frankie said, “I’m very open-minded. If anything, I’ll probably tell her some of my thoughts.”

In regards to the news that HKTV have stopped producing dramas and will no longer release new drama material after September, Frankie said, “There are many unfair things in the world, but we still have to continue living. Let’s hope for a better tomorrow.”..

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