Hotel King – 酒店之王 (Cantonese)

호텔킹 (2016)

Hotel King – 酒店之王 (Cantonese) - 호텔킹


Hotel King – 酒店之王 (Cantonese) 3.17/5 (63.48%) 23 votes

DramaTVB.Com Hotel King – 酒店之王 (Cantonese): 讲述为了守护陷入危机的酒店而孤军奋战的女继承人和为了她不惜与父亲反目的酒店经理之间的故事。…

As a child, Cha Jae-Wan (later played by Lee Dong-Wook) was a beggar. He was also physically abused by the leader of a group of beggars that he belonged to. One day, Jae-Wan killed the leader of the group by accident and he passed out. When awoke, he found himself in a luxurious hotel. A man, Lee Joong-Goo (Lee Deok-Hwa), tells Cha Jae-Wan that his father, Ah Sung-Won, abandoned him and his mother. Jae-Wan vows to take revenge on his father for his deceased mother.

Now, Cha Jae-Wan works as the general manager for HOTEL CIEL. The hotel is run by none other than Ah Sung-Won. One day, Cha Jae-Wan tells Ah Sung-Won that he is his father and he should reveal that publicly. Ah Sung-Won though reacts unexpectedly and dies. After his death, his only child, Ah Mo-Ne (Lee Da-Hae) appears at HOTEL CIEL. She acts arrogant, but others are unaware that Ah Mo-Ne is actually afraid of being alone and she is also suspicious of her father’s death. Ah Mo-Ne struggles to keep HOTEL CIEL…

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