Law dis-Order – 律政強人

Legal Strongman, Lu Zheng Qiang Ren (2016)

Law dis-Order – 律政強人 - Legal Strongman, Lu Zheng Qiang Ren


Law dis-Order – 律政強人
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DramaTVB.Com Law dis-Order – 律政強人 (Legal Strongman, Lu Zheng Qiang Ren) When the both of us first saw this poster, we felt the design didn’t work very well. With Liu Kai Chi smirking at the audience but Alex Fong looking bland and away from the audience. The bottom part is hard to see as well. The two male leads are repeated and you can barely make out Alex Fong’s face at the bottom. That aside, we’re pretty excited to see this drama for Liu Kai Chi, Mandy Wong, Ali Lee and Raymond Cho. We saw Liu Kai Chi in the HKTV drama, The Borderline and found him to be one of the sole reasons we kept watching. The plot was not good and the supporting actors were not good at all. But that’s another story, we are just excited for his return to TVB! Last time Mandy Wong’s character in The Fixer was just alright for us as there seemed to be nothing for her to do besides being rebellious. This time, we believe she will shine and we are fully anticipating a solid performance from her. For us, Alex Fong has always been rather bland and nothing really comes to mind about him other than being a mediocre veteran actor…

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