Love in Time – 還來得及再愛你

還來得及再愛你 (2015)

Love in Time – 還來得及再愛你 - 還來得及再愛你


Love in Time – 還來得及再愛你 4.00/5 (80.00%) 2 votes

DramaTVB.Com Love in Time – 還來得及再愛你 (A.K.A:Still Have Time to Love You): A 224 year old man guarded himself for 200 years due to a damaged romance. Growing up in a village, the man goes through enormous changes,including experiencing the murder of his lover by a demon. He survived because a vampire rescued him. He was heartbroken, but can’t get the tears out until he meets the energetic female lead. His heart unconsciously melted by her heartwarming love. The guy had an immortalbody, while the girl only lives until age 80. Is it Heaven that’s playing games with them or are they a match from Heaven?…

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