Once Upon A Song – 童話戀曲201314

童話戀曲201314 (2015)

Once Upon A Song – 童話戀曲201314 - 童話戀曲201314


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DramaTVB.Com Once Upon A Song – 童話戀曲201314: This series’ love story revolves around a young CEO played by Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀) and his relationship with female leads Kate Yeung (楊淇) and Evelyn Choi (蔡穎恩) – add to this the talent of singer William So (蘇永康), whose singing voice accompanies the entire story. With a portion of the filming completed on location in Okinawa, Japan, this series brings together elements of music, dance, and acting into a musical ensemble drama that is definitely worthy of anticipation!…

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