Paranormal Mind – 開腦儆探

開腦儆探 (2015)

Paranormal Mind – 開腦儆探 - 開腦儆探


Paranormal Mind – 開腦儆探
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DramaTVB.Com Paranormal Mind – 開腦儆探: Paranormal Mind isa supernatural-themed detective series – however the ‘supernatural’ won’t be the traditional ghosts and spirits-theme that audiences are used to seeing. Rather, it will utilize ‘super’ scientific concepts as well as realistic methods to investigate a variety of mysterious, unusual cases. The series will revolve around the main character Hung Gei Yuen (Felix Wong) — a former high-ranking police inspector who, after being traumatized by the mysterious death of his son, acquires thehidden ability to capture and enter other people’s subconscious, as he deeply believes that his son was actually murdered in the ‘inner confines of the subconscious’! At the same time, he starts to display signs of having a split personality and works hard to study about the ‘hidden subconscious’ in the hopes of one day finding his son’s killer…

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