Two Steps from Heaven – 幕後玩家

Mok Hau Waan Ga (2016)

Two Steps from Heaven – 幕後玩家 - Mok Hau Waan Ga


Two Steps from Heaven – 幕後玩家
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DramaTVB.Com Two Steps from Heaven – 幕後玩家: – Bosco Wong, Edwin Siu, and Louis Cheung take on the world together.
– Bosco will play the quick-witted boss of a public relations company who stops at nothing to make his company into a commercial empire. He is both good and evil. He has a wife (played by Elaine Yiu) and a daughter. He also has a mistress (played by Moon Lau). He and Priscilla Wong have an ambiguous relationship.
– Edwin and Priscilla are first loves. They love very profoundly, from being first loves to misunderstanding. She goes to the US, and when she returns, he pursues her again. There is a scene where there is an imitation of many classic movie characters, and saying many love declarations, but they do not develop a step further.
– Louis lives at Edwin’s place. Although he has his own room, he always sleeps with Edwin.
– Priscilla has a weird illness. After returning to Hong Kong, she has insomnia, and she has to hug Edwin in order to be able to sleep, but they are not a couple. In the middle, they return to being friends.
– Alice Chan and Luk Wing are sister and brother (from the same father, but a different mother). He is originally a useless youngster, but is later discovered to have a talent in helping out with the business, so she feels that he is a threat to her.
– Gloria Tang and Louis have a romantic storyline.
– Jacquelin Ch’ng and Bosco are twins. Her main partner is Louis.
– Yoyo Chen will play Lam Shu Yu (林書榆).

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