Natural Born Lovers – 天生愛情狂

天生愛情狂 (2012)

Natural Born Lovers – 天生愛情狂 - 天生愛情狂


Natural Born Lovers – 天生愛情狂 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote

DramaTVB.Com Natural Born Lovers – 天生愛情狂: Popular pastry chef (Chi-lam) meets a nurse (Annie) and falls in love with her. Soon he realizes that she is an overly sensitive girlfriend who is also suspicious, jealous, controlling and slightly violent. She checks up on him 24-7 and screens his computer, phone, blogs and Facebook contents and messages. Desperate to get rid of his crazy love, he decides to start an investigation into her past to find out the secret behind her crazy behavior…

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