The Seventh Lie – 第七谎言

第七谎言 (2014)

The Seventh Lie – 第七谎言 - 第七谎言


The Seventh Lie – 第七谎言 3.57/5 (71.43%) 7 votes

DramaTVB.Com The Seventh Lie (第七谎言): Lying is a universal language, spoken and understood by 7 billion people. none of us can evade the jinx of The Seventh Lie – Self Deception. Chauffeur Song claims to be a part-time killer. Or is he a womanizer, tries to get in the heart of his chum’s wife Julianne? Julianne checks into a hotel with Song to discover his frightful plan. A sneaky Hotel Bellhop bumps into them. Could he come to Julianne’s rescue? Or is he a brilliant con-artist who attempts to rip off moneyed guests of the hotel? In this hotel, he uncovers his darkest secret and comes across a Runaway Bride Gwen. The lives of these seemingly unassociated souls are interlaced together to face the appalling truth beneath their lies…

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