The Vanished Murderer – 消失的凶手

消失的凶手 (2015)

The Vanished Murderer – 消失的凶手 - 消失的凶手


The Vanished Murderer – 消失的凶手 2.82/5 (56.36%) 11 votes

DramaTVB.Com The Vanished Murderer (消失的凶手): Banks have been closed down, a large number of unemployed homeless living on the streets. A series of bizarre suicides seem to guide the loose Road to explore hidden behind shady bigger. Ten years ago, the village was buried carcasses case was opened, the suspect through word games to pass the password, followed the case set off a huge panic, the city FY save animals feel insecure, wealthy businessmen, police, professors, students …… everyone’s demeanor full of doubt, and everyone guessing at a bizarre suicide will not be yourself? Who conspired all of this, let this wonderful place had become a city of despair? Looking for the truth is imminent…

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